Frequently Asked Questions

10 February 2007
The campaign is now closed as we have collected the targeted amount. If you have not sent money by now, please do not send money to us hereafter. We are closing the bank account.

We thank all of you -- old boys, parents and teachers -- who contributed to the campaign.

We assume that you know what the campaign is about

1. How do I donate money?
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2. Is there a minimum or maximum amount that I can donate?

No. We have received contributions ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 2,500 (as of 25 Jan 07). Amounts lower or higher than these figures are welcome. Your name and the amount you donate will not be made public, unless you ask us to do so. Our aim is to collect Rs 1 lakh and hand over the amount to Joseph Uncle. See campaign homepage for money raised so far.

3. How do I verify whether the money I sent has reached you?

After donating, if you can inform us, then, we might be able to verify. Use the 'Inform us!' form or contact

    Sajith V.,
    Employee No. 51012, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
    3rd Floor, Bhavani, Technopark
    Trivandrum 695 581
    Mobile: 09447388188

4. Why are you guys doing this?

When we knew of Joseph Uncle's financial difficulty, we told our batchmates. Many of them wanted to help. We decided to be a contact point in Trivandrum for old boys to help Joseph Uncle now.

5. Why not do this through the school or LOBA?

After talking to people at school, and the LOBA, we got the impression that it would take time for them to gather funds from alumni now, for this purpose, due to various reasons. The school has given Rs 20,000 to Joseph Uncle.

6. Will the money be used for another staff member?

No. We are only serving as a contact point for old boys to help Joseph Uncle now. We will close the account in a few months.

7. I do not know you or anybody from 2001 batch...

We understand. We have the support of old boys like P.A. Murukan (1984), and Ashok R. Chandran (1991), who are helping us reach various batches. By email, you can contact Murukan or Ashok.

8. What about accounting?

When the bank account is closed, we will present the accounts to the best of our ability. If you have a suggestion on how we should do this, e-mail us your idea. Otherwise, please check the campaign homepage in April 2007.

9. In future, will you raise funds for another staff member in similar need?

If circumstances permit, we will, but the money being collected for Joseph Uncle will not be used for that. For other staff members in similar need, we hope that the school or LOBA will work out some arrangement in the near future.

If you have further queries, please write to

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